We accept new members at all levels!


How does a good and timely decision arise from the interaction of brain cells? And what goes wrong when a bad decision is made? 

If this intrigues you, considering join our group at York University in Toronto, Canada!


We have a place for you whether you are an (wanna-be) animal whisperer, a code monkey or a brain nerd (or all three)!

Together we will explore the unknown realm of the neuronal and network mechanisms underlying primate cognitive processes, by listening in on the activities of each of numerous neurons while our primate models make flexible or misguided decisions. The behaviours will be monitored and quantified with cutting-edge algorithms, and the data will by analyzed using state-of-the-art analytic tools.


For undergraduate students: regardless of your major, join us for a directed study, thesis work, or a well-paid Research-At-York (RAY) (https://sfs.yorku.ca/work-study-programs/how-to-apply-for-ray-positions). 


Prospective graduate students: apply for our MA or PhD program in Psychology: https://www.yorku.ca/gradstudies/psychology/


For postdoctoral candidates: please contact Dr. Ma at liyama@yorku.ca

Each of the following skill/experience will be an asset:

  • Data analysis using MATLAB or Python

  • Experience with behavioural training in an NHP (especially the marmosets) or rodent model

  • Experience with the design or use of novel behavioural setups

  • Writing and publishing peer-reviewed articles